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null somethin' in t' be ink digital forests for a rest under arrest

spin a while wildly alone all one room all therein convined to multiplications numerous plies all intertwining self-braiding themecells re-announce renounce all else include when sacrificed renewed presence of present gifts all at ones zeroes sufficient the air from ache t' write meant left only this little brittle softened touch revive


mood: include ink-lude play display this play in-clued glued in but could move as if disconnected nectars careening in cars park row where shoppe components beckon buy this pair then despair bare all relieve conceive with sieve give live relive erase for much-needed space spill outlive replace afresh as if an empty apartment new hard drive soft home exude a mood at greater length than wut writ a bluff couldn't wouldn't call it all to any halt nor fault pressed into the vault of any one through the sun as per purr
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silences sirens lenses hum
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