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Unwritten End

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It was late and you were wasted 
I had fun and didn't care a bit 
about what was and what it could mean 
maybe I should have stopped 
maybe I would have seen 
maybe that's the way it should have been. 

"An accident" we laughed and I turned red 
because we kissed and to be honest it wasn't even good 
but in the nights I can't stop thinking of you 
can't stop dreaming of you and me in your bed 
only to realize that this didn't happen 
but hey it could. 

And now we did it again 
we made out and I only told my friends that it was strange  
and that maybe I liked you 
but what I kept to myself was the fear 
of the pain that always comes with love 
because I need you and you'r not here 
of the thoughts that torment my dreams 
because I'm not good enough 
or so it seems. 

This is a story with an unwritten end 
I hope I'll be with you 
but I fear I can't.  
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cold cold
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Greg Laswell-Comes and Goes
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